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Why Us

Always On

Your applications can run on redundant servers. It takes your Down Time to near 0. Indicated to Mission Critic Applications.

Security Audited

Our servers are audited by independent security experts. This ensure you have best systems and policies working for you.

Human Support

To ensure your best experience we offer you different service levels of Support, ranging from Full Product to Business Support.

Best Value Price

We charge you a Fixed Affordable Fee for Unlimited Users and Full Product Features. You only pay by Storage. This is the true pay-as-you-go.

More Benefits

Choose Your Software

Choose Your Services

Premium Support

Besides our Customer Portal, we support you by Phone, Skype, WhatsApp and Email with Software and Business related inquiries.

Data Entry and Setup

We enter your company data and configure your software to best match the way you do business.

Database Import

We import the database from your current system and you migrate to us without losing data and time.


We implement for you any specific improvement you want in the software.

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